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Afilliate Marketing

Another term that comes up a lot is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when an advertiser generates a sale for an affiliate partner by redirecting the customer to the affiliate website. After the sale is made, the advertiser gets a percentage of the amount spent in the shop. Affiliate programs are everywhere, almost every big webshop has some kind of program, so there is a lot of different stuff you can promote. In this article, I will discuss one game affiliate since gaming is a hobby of mine this should be a good program to start with.

I already knew about this website since I’m streaming on sometimes for fun, but mostly watching other streamers meanwhile gaming myself. So I created an account and made a simple banner and placed my link under it. I just put the banner at the bottom this post so the same goes for this as for Google Adsense, without traffic you won’t get enough clicks to make any money! and other places to get your referral link in the world

I might actually place this banner on my streaming channel too. However, I don’t have enough time to properly stream and I don’t intend to use streaming as a method to reach the goal of this experiment. So it won’t make much of a difference in terms of exposure, but it does give me another domain from which my affiliate is linked through.

If you want affiliate marketing to succeed, you need to get your referral link all over the internet. Spamming the link won’t help you in the long run, because you will get banned on the websites where you spam your link and if the affiliate discovers you will probably be kicked off the affiliate program too. I’m guessing a good start is to share the link with your friends, but only the ones interested in the products the affiliate is selling.


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