Angry Birds 2 Review

Angry Birds 2: Bigger. Badder. Birdier Review

The newest Angry Birds game was released yesterday and although there have been many games in this franchise, the official name of the game is Angry Birds 2. And it’s actually a worthy sequel to the first game released in 2009, the game has a fresh look but is still the familiar game as we know it.

The gameplay, in essence, is the same as the original. However, the levels are now broken up in different parts. You get a set of birds at the start of each level and you have to destroy multiple structures. You can choose which bird you want to fire with the slingshot and if you rake up enough points you get bonus birds.

Angry birds 2 also has some new features, like spells and a new bird called Silver. Silver can be shot in the air and when it uses her power, she will drop straight down. All together it’s a good game, the concept still works for mobile gaming and the new features are tempting enough for the old Angry Birds fans and definitely fun enough for the new players.

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