Can’t change name of Facebook page

Can't Change Name of Facebook Page

Recently I had to change to name of a Facebook page, normally one would do the following:

  1. Click “About” on your profile page
  2. Go to “Page info”
  3. Hover over the name section and click “Edit”
  4. Enter your new page name and click “Save Changes”

Facebook actually tells you about this on their info page and the first part of the post can actually be found there. Changing the name of a Facebook page with more than 200 likes follows the same steps, but instead of saving changes you have to submit a request to change the name.

However, sometimes the “Request change” option doesn’t show. Facebook tells us it could be because we already changed the Facebook page name once, yes, you can only change it once! Or you or another admin already sent a request. We were sure those two options were not relevant to us, so unfortunately that meant the option to send a request wasn’t available in our country. It turns out it’s not available in most countries, only the US and the UK.

How to make this option available

A good solution to enable this option for other countries is the use of a proxy server located in either the US or the UK. Hola! Better Internet is the easiest way to connect to Facebook through a proxy in the US or the UK. Keep in mind that not every name change request gets accepted and even if it does it can take up to two weeks before Facebook responds to the request.

Another option (local business only)

If you are not an admin for a Facebook page, you can “Suggest an edit”. This allows you to suggest a change of name and if enough people suggest something, the admin receives a notice asking if you want to change the name. This notice can be found under “Audience Suggestions”. I didn’t try this option, so I can’t guarantee it works. If any extra details are needed or if you need other options changing the name of your Facebook page, just leave a comment!

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