Cardboard Flappy Review

Cardboard Flappy Review

Today I tested a virtual reality remake of the popular iOS and Android platform game, Flappy Bird, the name of the game is unsurprisingly Cardboard Flappy. Only this time it’s played from a first person view. The game tries to deliver the same gameplay the original game has.

However with the setup I have the game is more or less unplayable. It uses the trigger on the side of the Google Cardboard instead of a tap on the scream to raise the flying bird. The trigger doesn’t work that well unfortunately in combination with my phone. I might try to connect a controller to my phone and maybe it will be playable. Although I’m not sure it’s worth to trouble of getting that to work since the game doesn’t look that promising. If I manage to get a PS4 controller to work with this game, I will let you guys know how to do the same!

What do you guys think? Did anyone have more success with Cardboard Flappy in combination with a working trigger on the side of the Cardboard?

android play store (no longer available)

The app was tested with a Google Cardboard XL and a Samsung Galaxy Note 4.





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