Hitleap Traffic Exchange

HitLeap Traffic Exchange

HitLeap Traffic Exchange is a service that provides website traffic in exchange for minutes. You can earn minutes by using a program, which they provide, called: HitLeap Viewer. This program is a browser that views websites of other HitLeap customers. Every minute spent running this program, adds a minute to your account time. This time can […]

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Cost Per Action Cashcrate Zoombucks Qassa

Cost per action: Cashcrate, Zoombucks & Qassa

Cost per action is the term used for services that offer some kind of currency in return for users completing some task online. This currency can be real money or a made-up currency that you can trade for gift cards, real money, etc. These services give you something to add to your balance in return for answering surveys, […]

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Afilliate Marketing G2A.com

Affiliate Marketing: G2A.com

Another term that comes up a lot is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when an advertiser generates a sale for an affiliate partner by redirecting the customer to the affiliate website. After the sale is made, the advertiser gets a percentage of the amount spent in the shop. Affiliate programs are everywhere, almost every big […]

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Pay Per Click Google Adsense

Pay Per Click: Google Adsense

Pay-per-click is one of the first terms that shows up during my online research to make some cash online. Pay-per-click, in short PPC, is a way of online advertising in which a person clicks on a link to a website and for each click on the ad (with the link) the owner of the website […]

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Money Making Online Experiment

Making Money Online Experiment

Making money online has always been a hot topic on the internet and for good reason: who wouldn’t want to make money on the internet? Everyone already spends a good amount of time in front of a computer every day, so why not multitask and make money doing so. The internet is full of websites […]

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