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  • Cardboard Flappy Review

    Cardboard Flappy Review

    Today I tested a virtual reality remake of the popular iOS and Android platform game, Flappy Bird, the name of the game is unsurprisingly Cardboard Flappy. Only this time it’s played from a first person view. The game tries to deliver the same gameplay the original game has. However with the setup I have the […]

  • Orbulus for Cardboard VR review

    Orbulus for Cardboard VR review

    One of the first apps I tried was Orbulus. Orbulus is a photosphere app that gives us a great idea of what virtual reality can become in the near future. You can load up several locations and just look around and enjoy the view. Although it’s not a moving experience it does create an immersive […]

  • Google Cardboard Pro XL Review

    Google Cardboard Pro XL Review

    Last week I received my Google Cardboard and I have to say all in all it is a pretty neat device! I ordered the larger version because I own a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which has a 5.7″ screen, so it wouldn’t fit the normal sized Google Cardboard. First off, I tried the Google Cardboard […]