Cost per action: Cashcrate, Zoombucks & Qassa

Cost Per Action Cashcrate Zoombucks Qassa

Cost per action is the term used for services that offer some kind of currency in return for users completing some task online. This currency can be real money or a made-up currency that you can trade for gift cards, real money, etc.

These services give you something to add to your balance in return for answering surveys, reading emails, watching movies or ordering something online.

I already knew a dutch service that used a program like this, it’s called Qassa. I made a special email account just to receive emails from this service, so my normal email didn’t get spammed.

I did get some payments from them when I was still in high school. It was €12.50 per payment, but it took a few months to gather that number of points (now called coins) to reach it.

So I guess it doesn’t get you rich, although you do really get some cash after reading emails and answering surveys. If you order a lot of stuff online, you can use their links to get coins for a certain amount spent in a big online store or when you start a subscription you can get up to €30.00 back. In the latter example, it’s more saving money than earning it, but since you won’t get rich by using these programs I guess that makes you happy too.

The last option to receive money from these services if you get more people to join the services, you get a certain amount of cash or you get a percentage of what your referrals make on the website. So if you sign up for one of these services use the link of someone you know who already uses the service or mine, you will just help the other person out without any loss yourself.

Zoombucks & Cashcrate

For this cost per action method, I signed up for two international services called Zoombucks and Cashcrate. After doing the tutorial on Zoombucks, I made 36 ZBucks. Zbucks are the currency in this specific program, converting this to dollars it comes to a grand total of $36 cents.

Earning cash by just doing surveys won’t go very fast, but since you only have to make around $5.00 to get cash on your PayPal it definitely is possible to get paid using a service like this.

The best way to speed up to process is to get people to sign up using your referral link, you will get 10% of the ZBucks they earn watching surveys. So I hope you will all follow my referral links on the website if you liked the information you found here.

Cashcrate follows the same principle as the other services, but the referral program here is a bit better. You will get 20% of your referrals and 10% of what their referrals make. After your referrals make $10.00 you will get another $3.00.

I will be adding more services if I stumble upon them, but for now these three should be fine to get you (and me) started.

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