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Cryptocurrency faucets are anything but a new way of earning cryptocurrency. For Bitcoin faucets a lot has changed since the first Bitcoin faucet,, closed down after dispensing over 10.000 bitcoins. In the beginning, it even gave out 5 BTC per claim (although it wasn’t that much when it started in 2010).

Now the faucets pay nowhere near 1 Bitcoin per claim, it varies per faucet but it’s only a couple of hundred satoshis per claim. Still, there is money to be made with faucets, some have nice bonuses, others frankly don’t and are only worth your time if you spend enough time claiming satoshis. Also, there has been a huge increase in the number of cryptocurrencies, this means there are also a lot more different faucets around! I will list the faucets I tested below, sorted by the cryptocurrency you will receive. I will continue updating the list with new faucets when I discover them. Enjoy the free coins and tokens!

I’ve just received some news the following (all posted!) faucets might not be paying: JuicyBTC, CoinEarn, and CryptoEarn. I will continue until I reach the payout limit and will update as frequently as possible while continuing to find more faucets.

UPDATE: JuicyBTC, CoinEarn, and CryptoEarn were indeed not paying out, I’ve removed the links. Leaving the rest to spread the word until the post gets too crowded. So far finding good and honest faucets has not been easy.

Multicoin faucets

After the many scam faucets I stumbled upon earlier, I’ve found a new faucet platform called They seem to payout properly according to some other fauceteers, I will keep you updated on if they actually do as soon as I get my first payout. This is the first multicoin faucet I’m using and they have a broad range of coins, from the familiar coins like BTC, LTC, ETH, XMR, DOGE, RVN and ETN to some lesser known coins like PLUS1, BRAZ, VEGI and BUEN.

Bitcoin faucets


JuicyBTC is one of the first Bitcoin faucets I tried. The clicks dispense between 100 – 200 satoshis. There will be a little bonus sometimes. You can claim your rewards every 10 – 20 minutes. The minimum payout is 100000 satoshis, which amounts to between 500 – 1000 clicks.

JuicyBTC has a referral program where you get 50% commission. After you reach 100000 satoshis, you can also receive compounded daily interest on any balance that you hold in your account, without doing anything. The annual interest rate is currently 18,4%.

CoinEarn – SCAM

CoinEarn so far is the best-paying Bitcoin faucet I found. The clicks have a variable payout starting at 220 satoshis. On top of this, the faucet gives you the opportunity to earn a lot more, up to 22000000 satoshis which is the same as 0,22 BTC. The fact that you can roll for different ‘prices’ makes this faucet a lot easier to participate in because of the gambler aspect. You can roll every 15 minutes.

There also is a referral program available for CoinEarn, but it doesn’t state how much the percentage of the commission earned is. A big plus for this faucet is the fact you can earn a daily bonus, which will give you around 10 advertisements (websites you can visit in return for 200 – 450 satoshis each). The minimum payout is 10000 satoshis, which actually is achieved rather quickly with the daily bonuses and some luck!

CryptoEarn – SCAM

CryptoEarn seems to be connected to the JuicyBTC and CoinEarn network, the faucet has a similar layout and operation. The rolls are the lowest so far starting at 125 satoshis without any bonus rolls. It does, however, give you the chance to win up to 1250000 satoshis or 0,0125 BTC. You can roll every fifteen minutes. CryptoEarn offers an automatic 5% daily bonus and also has a page with advertisements to boost your earnings significantly.

With the extra ads, this seems to be the second best faucet so far, the payout limit is set to 50000 satoshis which is lower than the other faucets.

Ethereum faucets

Coming soon!

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