EtherGoo: The First Competitive Crypto Idle Game

EtherGoo The First Competitive Crypto Idle Game

I started playing a new crypto game on the Ethereum blockchain called EtherGoo. The goal of the game is to gather as much Goo as you can. You can either produce Goo yourself or steal it from others.  You will start the game with a production unit, called Intern Kitty. This will produce a small amount of Goo (0.2 Goo/s) for you every second. With the Goo earned by your productions units, you can buy upgrades or more units, increasing your daily production. All scientists can be sold for 75% of their Eth or Goo buy price.

Stealing Goo can be done by units purchased in the barracks. Each unit has three stats, Attack, Defense and Stealing Capacity. However, in the current meta, it isn’t ‘viable’ to attack if you have below 10b Stealing Capacity, because the ticket cost will be higher than the worth of the stolen Goo (in terms of ETH profit). It will still give you a boost in Goo to spend on upgrades or more units. The developer is working on some changes for this aspect of the game to make attacking profitably.

Earning (back) Ether

One of three ways to earn Ether (ETH) by playing (or idling) the game. Each day you will get a percentage of the ‘research pot’ based on your production percentage globally. The research pot is currently around 15 ETH a day. The amount of Ether earned daily is automatically added to your account, this is one of three ways to earn Ether by playing (or idling) the game.

The second way to earn (back) some Ether (ETH) is by depositing Goo into the Goo Deposit Box. The amount of Ether to be earned on payout (currently between 4 and 4.5 ETH each day) will be divided by the amount of Goo deposited.

The third way to earn Ether (ETH) is by selling your Goo on

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