Fallout 4 Perks Rated: Endurance

Fallout 4 Perks Rated

After Perception, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility and Luck it’s time for the perks of Endurance SPECIAL tree. Although the order in which I rate the trees is kinda subjective because I don’t see much use in the Endurance tree and don’t really like the Strength Melee builds, I do intend to finish my ratings of the Fallout 4 perks and make sure the guys who want to bash ghouls with bats will get their info as well. The main stat benefits from the perk are increased health and stamina, which both aren’t that important for most builds. It looks like this tree is the weakest this time around (13 stars).

Fallout 4 Perk: Toughness
I. If nothing else, you can take a beating! Instantly gain +10 Damage Resistance
II. You now have +20 damage resistance. (Requires: Level 9)
III. You now have +30 damage resistance. (Requires: Level 18)
IV. You now have +40 damage resistance. (Requires: Level 31)
V. You now have +50 damage resistance. (Requires: Level 46)

Rating: Fallout 4 on all difficulties mostly goes from really hard to really easy in the end-game, which is one of the reasons I tend to see the Endurance tree as the dump stat of this game. Actually it’s also been like this in the previous Fallout games. That being said, this perk can be nice in the beginning of the game, also does it have more use for a Melee builds because you won’t be able to hide in cover when attacking your opponents, but to me it seems like a waste in the long run.

Lead Belly*
Fallout 4 Perk: Lead Belly
I. Your digestive tract has adjusted to the weirdness of the Wasteland! Take less radiation from eating or drinking.
II. You take even less radiation from eating or drinking. (Requires: Level 6)
III. You take no radiation from eating or drinking. (Requires: Level 17)

Rating: This never has been a perk worth taking and it still isn’t. There are plenty of ways to get rid of radiation sickness in the game.

Fallout 4 Perk: Lifegiver
I. You embody wellness! Instantly gain +20 maximum Health.
II. You instantly gain another +20 maximum Health. (Requires: Level 8)
III. You instantly gain another +20 maximum Health and slowly regenerate lost Health. (Requires: Level 16)

Rating: More health can be useful for Melee builds, but when you got yourself some nice gear it really isn’t needed anymore. It’s kind of the same story for most perks in this tree. For any ranged build, you won’t need this.

Chem Resistant*
Fallout 4 Perk: Chem Resistant
I. All the rush without the hassle! You’re 50% less likely to get addicted when consuming Chems.
II. You gain complete immunity to chem addiction. (Requires: Level 22)

Rating: Chems are really awesome! However chem addiction is never a problem, just like Lead Belly this perk is useless.

Fallout 4 Perk: Aquaboy
I. Water is your ally. You no longer take radiation damage from swimming, and can breathe underwater
II. You become totally undetectable while submerged. (Requires: Level 21)

Rating: It could add another dimension to the game, but it’s definitely not needed. So if you want the optimal build, there is no space for this. I can think of many situations where it will be awesome emerging from the water and killing some clueless enemies, so if you have some spare points take it!

Rad Resistant*
Fallout 4 Perk: Rad Resistant
I. Exposure to the Wasteland has made you more resilient, instantly granting +10 Radiation Resistance.
II. You now have +20 Radiation Resistance. (Requires: Level 13)
III. You now have +30 Radiation Resistance. (Requires: Level 26)

Rating: Another useless perk, there is almost a gear solution for every perk in this tree. I wouldn’t bother taking this…

Adamantium Skeleton*
Fallout 4 Perk: Adamantium Skeleton
I. Your skeleton has been infused with indestructible metal, reducing limb damage by 30%.
II. Your limb damage is now reduced by 60%. (Requires: Level 13)
III. Your limb damage is completely eliminated. (Requires: Level 26)

Rating: Limb damage can actually be really annoying when chased by some enemies, but nothing a doctors bag can’t fix. So again, it can be useful, but it’s not necessary.

Fallout 4 Perk: Cannibal
I. Feast on mortal flesh to heal your wounds! Eating human corpses restores Health.
II. Eating Ghoul or Super Mutant corpses restores Health. (Requires: Level 19)
III. Eating human, Ghoul or Super Mutant corpses now restores a significant amount of Health. (Requires: Level 38)

Rating: You won’t be needing much food or stimpaks with this maxed, but again you will find plenty of food and stimpaks or you will be able to craft them. If it fits in your build it can save some time gathering and crafting!

Fallout 4 Perk: Ghoulish
I. Sure, you’re still human – on the outside! Radiation now regenerates your lost Health.
II. Radiation now regenerates even more of your lost Health. (Requires: Level 24)
III. Radiation now regenerates even more of your lost Health, and some Feral Ghouls will randomly become friendly. (Requires: Level 48)

Rating: Very situational perk, looking for radiation invested spots just to heal isn’t going to work and you still die from radiation poisoning which sucks. The fact some Feral Ghouls become friendly can be nice, but it’s not all of them and three ranks into this is just too big of a waste.

Solar Powered**
Fallout 4 Perk: Solar Powered
I. Catch some rays! Gain +2 to Strength and Edurance between the hours of 6:00a.m. and 6:00p.m.
II. Sunlight slowly heals your radiation damage. (Requires: Level 27)
III. Sunlight slowly regenerates your lost Health. (Requires: Level 50)

Rating: This perk actually isn’t bad, but there is no way I can justify levelling Endurance to level 10. Unless it fits your idea behind a build, some sort of human tank kind of type, but you will miss out on some really awesome perks just to achieve this.

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