Fallout Shelter for Android Review

Fallout Shelter for Android Review

After some time waiting for Fallout Shelter it’s available for Android! And with the Fallout 4 hype going strong, I really wanted to play this game to get in the mood for when my already pre-ordered PlayStation 4 copy lands on the doormat.

After launching Fallout Shelter it’s time to create my Vault, numberĀ 013, it starts with a straightforward tutorial. After building a Power Station, Water Treatment and a Diner, my vault looks like a place that can sustain itself, nice!

Slowly but surely new dwellers come knocking at my door. So I add another Living Quarters, next up is an expansion of my Power Station and my two connected rooms become one big Power Station. This is nice, however now I find myself having placed a Living Quarters – Diner – Living Quarters situation at the top floor, so my hard earned bottle caps go down the drain because I want a few big rooms and not a lot of small rooms. The maximum number of combined room is 3 and in order for the rooms to connect they have to be the same level.

After rebuilding the rooms, I now have a solid setup for my vault going, time to finish some of the first objectives. Objectives give you bottle caps or lunchboxes. So I get my first lunchbox and open it, some food, caps and a golden glow before the last card is revealed, a Mr. Handy! Mr. Handy is a special item that harvests all the resources on the floor he is on and one of the best, most useful items I got so far.

Fallout Shelter Starting Vault

So far this game is what I expected it to be and I love that I can run a vault now. The animations are spot on, they really work for a mobile (Fallout) game.

After some playing (currently 46 dwellers), I’m currently leveling my dwellers before I advance to a bigger vault. Everything is running fine, I do find myself checking in less often because of that, but I’m determined the game has enough replay value for me to at least build every possible room. So still a long way to go to the Nuka-Cola Bottler! You need 100 vault dwellers for that room.

I did write a post in the meantime to explain the SPECIAL stats, so be sure to check that if you wanna read up before taking a dive into the game or if you are interested in further tactics to advance in the game!

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