Google Cardboard Pro XL Review

Google Cardboard Pro XL

Last week I received my Google Cardboard and I have to say all in all it is a pretty neat device! I ordered the larger version because I own a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which has a 5.7″ screen, so it wouldn’t fit the normal sized Google Cardboard.

First off, I tried the Google Cardboard app, unfortunately, the magnetic slider button at the side of the Cardboard doesn’t work for me. I read there are some fixes available on the internet so I’m going to try those later this week and I will update the post with the fix if it’s really worthwhile and clean.

Another really annoying problem is the fact that the carton presses the on/off button sometimes so you get the on/off menu or even worse the screen locks, it also presses the volume buttons when you hold the Cardboard too tight. I think this can be solved easily by cutting small holes into the carton so that the buttons won’t get pushed anymore. If everything goes smoothly I will also cut a small hole for the 3.5mm jack so I can hook up some headphones!

I decided to buy the Cardboard after I tried an Oculus Rift and although it doesn’t have the comfort it’s still a fun way to experience virtual reality at home at a reasonable price. I will post some app reviews later so you can check some of the better-rated ones when you get your own Google Cardboard!

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