HitLeap Traffic Exchange

Hitleap Traffic Exchange

HitLeap Traffic Exchange is a service that provides website traffic in exchange for minutes. You can earn minutes by using a program, which they provide, called: HitLeap Viewer.

This programĀ is a browser that views websites of other HitLeap customers. Every minute spent running this program, adds a minute to your account time. This time can in turn be used by you to get other people to visit your website. You can set an amount of time you want others to visit your website, so 30 seconds will cost you 0.5 minutes. The lower the seconds on the website, the more views you get per minute.

Another way to earn minutes is if your referrals run the program, you will get 30% of their earned minutes. You won’t actually lose that time, so don’t worry about signing up with my referral link and in turn don’t forget to share yours if you pass information about this service along.

This traffic generating program was previously used to generate traffic to site with ad programs that paid up for advertisement views instead of the more widely used advertisements click variant. However, many ad-view sites have blocked views generated by HitLeap. I’m sure there will be other ways to monetize HitLeap, so until then let’s save some minutes.

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