How to make non-clickable links in WordPress menu

Non-clickable menu links in WordPress

Sometimes your WordPress website menu needs non-clickable links for menu items. For instance, when you have a parent category for some other links inside your menu that doesn’t lead to a specific web page itself. WordPress does not have a built-in option to make such a menu item, but luckily it’s quite easy to create one yourself.

1. Go to Appearance -> Menus

2. Select Custom links -> put “#” as the URL -> Give the menu item your desired name
Non-clickable WordPress menu item
3. Select the menu item in the “Menu Structure” window -> Remove the “#” and press “Save Menu”
Non-clickable links

In step 2 we created a clickable link that doesn’t go anywhere, it just stays on the page you are on, which essentially might do the trick for you. However, I found it was causing some problems in some mobile WordPress menus.

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