Making Money Online Experiment

Money Making Online Experiment

Making money online has always been a hot topic on the internet and for good reason: who wouldn’t want to make money on the internet? Everyone already spends a good amount of time in front of a computer every day, so why not multitask and make money doing so. The internet is full of websites with tricks and guides and believing all the claims made on these websites getting rich was never this easy!

However, most websites claiming to make easy money online are scams, so the challenge is finding out which of them do actually work. The term ‘making money’ is obviously relative, do a few cents earned count as ‘making money’ or are we looking to make big bucks? Whatever the case may be, making money online will most definitely not happen overnight and since this will be an experiment done in my spare time I don’t expect it to happen in a few months either.

Since I have little knowledge of which ways of making money online will actually work and since I have no starting budget and limited time, I will set my goal making €50,00. From now on, I will be exploring the world of online money making. I will be looking at different ways you can make money in front of the computer, some methods I will try myself, others I will just write about.

My expectations are to be disappointed most of the time, but I also hope to learn some tricks that actually work. Hopefully, it won’t be as terrible as I expect it to be and I will be able to update my goal to a more interesting number. Let’s find out!

Making Money Online Experiment Log

I will keep updating this log as I progress in my journey to making €50,00 using any opportunity and trick on the internet to achieve this goal. It should provide a quick summary of everything I’m doing.

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