New cryptocurrency exchange: KuCoin

New cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin

Last October a new exchange launched KuCoin. It has been steadily adding new trading pairs since the launch and it’s competing with the smaller exchanges for the quick listing of the newest ICO’s. Just like Binance KuCoin also has its own token, KuCoin Shares (KCS). They provide other benefits than the Binance coin (BNB), which give you a discount on your transaction fees. If you hold any KuCoin Shares in your portfolio, you will get a portion of the total amount spent on fees.

For instance, If ETH-BTC cryptocurrency pair rate is 0.063 on the platform and the daily exchange
volume is 30,000 BTC; based on the 0.1% rate from each side, the platform shall charge 30 BTC and 476 ETH as trading
fees. The bonus for every 10,000 holdings would be 10,000 by 100,000,000 (0.01%). So that the daily bonus from this very
cryptocurrency pair is 0.003 BTC and 0.0476 ETH (1 BTC and 17 ETH annually).

So having 10,000 KuCoin Shares would provide you with a nice passive income. 1 KuCoin Share is (as of writing) trading for around $3. This would mean it will take about 2 years to fully recoup your investment with just the passive income. The KuCoin Shares will probably rise in value once the exchange grows, so that’s another plus. Binance is currently ranked #2 and KuCoin #36 in daily volume.

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