Pay Per Click: Google Adsense

Pay Per Click Google Adsense

Pay-per-click is one of the first terms that shows up during my online research to make some cash online. Pay-per-click, in short PPC, is a way of online advertising in which a person clicks on a link to a website and for each click on the ad (with the link) the owner of the website has to pay a little money.

There are several services which offer payments for each click on the ads you place on your website and Google Adsense is the best-known service. Bing Ads is Microsoft’s counterpart, but since Google is still the most used search engine, I decided to start with Google Adsense.

Placing the first pay per click ad

So first of all, I created an account at Google Adsense. This is very straightforward and for help creating an account Google offers good instructions. The next step is to put my ads somewhere since I happen to have a website (you are on it!), I put my ad here. Since it’s quite annoying to be on a website with a lot of ads, I will just start out with two ad units.

To implement the advertisement, I downloaded two plugins, Google Adsense and Quick Adsense. Google Adsense is the plugin I ended up using for my ad; it’s a little easier to set up. However, both are good choices and it looked like Quick Adsense had a little more features in fine tuning your ads.

Anyway, the first pay per click advertisement is set up. For this to actually work, the ad has to be clicked and since the website just started, it hardly has any visitors. Let alone visitors who actually click the ad! So to be honest, this definitely isn’t one of the ways to make money online quickly. Over time when my web site gets more visitors, it should generate more money. Although this won’t be profitable right away, it is a good way to generate money online. You just have to attract visitors to your website, which shouldn’t be a problem if you keep updating your content.

I will update over time if this actually works out as predicted, but it should be a solid base towards reaching the first €50 goal.

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