Supercell Clash Royale Review

Supercell Clash Royale Review

After being a regular to Clash of Clans for the past 2 years and trying Boom Beach and Hay Day, I was looking forward to another game from Supercell. So when Clash Royale launched 2 days ago, I immediately downloaded it and started playing!

I quickly found out there were a lot of cards in the game I recognized from Clash of Clans. With Hearthstone and poker, card games are very popular at the moment. However, those games tend to need a longer moment of your spare time, so Clash Royale is a welcome addition to that list. The game uses troops from Clash of Clans you can play as cards to destroy three towers the opponents controls. The big difference with Clash of Clans is that your opponent isn’t playing at the moment you attack, now it’s a real-time strategy battle.

Each deck contains 8 cards which each cost elixir. Elixer gets generated over time. The 8 Cards I’m currently using are Giant, Mini P.E.K.K.A., Goblin Hut, Spear Goblins, Skeleton Army, Archers, Musketeer and Fireball. Already sounds good right, it probably isn’t tho, but I’m having fun! Once I get the hang of the game a bit more I will post some strategies on how to get you started. All-in-all I think Supercell launched another gem (pun intended)! Get the game with one of the links below, it’s worth a try!

A quick tip on spending gems, only use them for buying gold. You will need a lot of it and quickly run out upgrading your cards! Also make sure you check the store, for rare (and epic) cards you can buy with the gold. The rare cards can be used to upgrade your troops or donate to clan members in return of a profit!

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