Unknown devices showing up on network

Unknown devices showing up in Windows 10 network

Last year I bought a new router (Nighthawk X4) because my new provider offered 500 Mbit/s fiber Internet. After a while I noticed unknown devices popping up in my Network tab in Windows 10 and I was wondering what the hell was going on. Were all these devices using my home network? Were they streaming from my media player?

So the first thing I did was check the device properties and the weird thing I noticed at first was the fact they didn’t have an IP address assigned. This was actually kinda reassuring because all of my own devices did have one assigned, so this made me believe they weren’t actually connected to my wifi network, but just showing up.

The next question was, why are they showing up at all? After some research, I found that Windows 10 has a service called Windows Connect Now. This service was implemented in Windows 7 and supposedly makes it easier to connect your devices to your wireless network. You don’t need this service enabled to connect your devices to your wifi network. Windows Connect Now can be disabled through services.msc as following:

  1. Click the windows start button and start typing: services.msc and run the program
  2. Find Windows Connect Now – Config Registrar and open the properties.
  3. Stop the service and set startup type to: Manual

Now these strange, unknown devices should stop popping up in your network.

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